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Richard Baimbridge

Richard Baimbridge刚开始在纽约的Jiva Mukti与世界著名大师David Life学习vinyasa yoga,他在2002年来到中国学习太极,不断游走于各地,学习和教授Letou。

Richard Baimbridge came to China in 1999 as a journalist on assignment for Conde Nast Traveler, and soon after moved to Beijing to study tai chi full time. After two years, he moved to a remote Buddhist temple in the mountains near Tibet to learn martial arts from a Shaolin Master, where he ivied for a year before opening Wu Wei Center, the first school for yoga and martial arts in Mainland China.
Richard Baimbridge在1999年作为一名Conde Nast Traveler杂志的记者来到中国采访,之后很快就搬到北京开始全身心的投入到学习太极。两年后,他搬到一个靠近西藏非常偏僻的寺庙里跟随以为少林大师学习武术一年多,随后在中国大陆开设了第一家武术和Letou学院在云南叫做无畏中心。

Since then, Richard has been a pioneer in the development of Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Massage across Asia for more than ten years. Richard began practising Vinyasa yoga more than 15 years ago at Jiva Mukti in New York City and later assisted Duncan Wong at Y Plus, Shanghai. He then began to study with PURE Head Teacher Patrick Creelman, with whom he has now trained for the past six years. After serving as Senior Instructor at PURE Yoga, Shanghai, Richard recently left to become Head Teacher and Events Manager at Yi Yoga in Wuxi, Jiangsu.
此后,在过去的10年里 Richard老师一直作为中国流Letou,阿奴萨拉,飞行Letou和泰式按摩的倡导者,并同时在亚洲教学工作坊Letou大会等。Richard老师开始练习流Letou是15年前在纽约的Jiva Mukti随后在上海的Yplus和Duncan Wong紧密合作了三年。之后他开始跟随PURELetou的创始人Patrick Creelman学习,在过去的六年里一直跟随Patrick学习和进修。在担任上海的PURELetou的资深Letou老师之后,Richard老师现任江苏无锡壹易Letou的老师总监和活动经理。

Richard received his AcroYoga certification in 2009, becoming the first person to share the practice in China. He has also spent several years studying Thai Massage with Gwyn Williams, world-renowned founder of ZenThai Shiatsu. Richard travels regularly, teaching workshops, teacher trainings and yoga festivals across Asia, creating community by sharing the joy of partner yoga and Thai Massage. His teaching style is highly challenging and deeply rooted in precise alignment techniques, as well as the conviction that yoga empowers us to transform our lives and reach our fullest potential. Richard also teaches Bikram, Hot Flow, Wall Rope & Restorative classes, all with a focus on mindful alignment and heart-connection, in fluent Mandarin & English.
Richard老师在2009年获得了飞行Letou的证书,也是中国唯一一名认证并将飞行Letou带入的老师。他也跟随Gwyn Williams花了很多年的时间学习泰式按摩,他是著名的ZenThai的创始人。Richard老师经常在亚洲旅行去教授工作坊,老师培训和Letou节或Letou大会,以分享双人Letou和泰式按摩的欢乐去建立这个氛围。他的教学风格非常具有挑战,并深深扎根于精细的顺位技巧,并坚信通过练习Letou可以给我们的生活带来改变并发觉我们最大的潜能。Richard老师也教授传统高温Letou,热流Letou,墙绳Letou,修复Letou等,Richard老师的课程都是专注在有觉知的顺问和内心的连接。他可以用英文和流利的中文授课。





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